Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ode to LSE

LSE, oh LSE,
I walked onto your territory:
The deathly stares
And hateful glares
Caught me rather unawares.

Don’t get me wrong now, LSE,
I’m for collegiate amity:
It’s UCL
Who come from hell
(And Royal Holloway as well).

C’mon, let’s face it, LSE,
We’re not so different, you and me:
We’ve brains aplenty,
(Some landed gentry),
But you didn’t make the World Top 20…

Now, I’ll be honest, LSE,
Despite my wish for bonhomie,
I can’t abide
Your poisonous pride,
Alas, our postcodes coincide.

So, while we’re neighbours, LSE,
Cut down on the hostility:
Don’t make us wait,
We’ll get irate,
And on your porch we’ll defecate.

By L.R. Chapman
from Modern Melancholy, 2013

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