Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Schopenhauer, O Schopenhauer,
Your words ring truer by the hour,
How fraught with such outlandish strife
Is this absurdity called life.

We move from fully-quenched to thirst,
From failure to a double first,
From hopeless boredom, true ennui:
We suffer never-endingly.

Not least we face the fear of death,
And choking on our final breath;
But even if will simply sleep,
Those left behind shall wildly weep.

And yet to cut our sentence short,
Though tempting as a last resort,
Proclaims a winner this mighty curse
Whose fanfare taunts us in the hearse.

So stare the darkness in the eye,
And listen to its wistful cry:
Do not impart this wretched fate,
On anyone but those you hate.

By L.R. Chapman 2013
from Modern Melancholy


  1. i tried my best to find a way to contact you besides twitter and facebook. so here it is. i didnt think id have to edit it..

    Dear Lou
    Hello,… eww. I dislike that. It makes me feel like a cliché itself just by saying that. I do not expect to proof read this because this is just way I think, last year (junior year of highschool) I was always told to express myself, so here it is. (Many thanks to ****) Sorry if it is not liked. Having said that, I don’t expect you to reply to me or to even continue reading this. Today, the 7th of march 2013,(I don’t why I did that but I just feel if I don’t I might lose myself, I get feeling of being lost, taken away by the sands of time) I saw your vid on how to be a straight A student, I understand youre a perfectionist, that’s very lovely. By the way you look I would have never guessed you loved philosophy. Its very remarkable for a girl if you had to ask me. Now this may have came up already but you may have asked why is he writing this?, in this case me. Well, really, I don’t have a real reason or at least not yet, I just wanted to do it, like that spark for pushing yourself to the limit. I figured if I didn’t type or write this down I feel that I would have lost a friend </3. Now I know we don’t know each other but your story speaks to me and friends, well most of them, or at least used to, mean A LOT to me. I know this is a bit weird but I get this feeling about girls, like its this sense of overly protective caring even if I don’t know them. Like I want to know everything about them. Ive asked a decent amount of girls what animal they see me as and oddly enough it was a lion. My horoscope animal thingy is leo the lion, August 13, 95. My name, Daron and my middle name Richmond together they mean great, strong-protector (respectively) mr. ***. Hes one of best people I know besides my old English teach, **** and my pre cal teach, ****and my old history teach ****. Ive learned many things from him from being more humble than I already was to well, I don’t know…ermm ah, to becoming a better person such as the levels of thinking. There are 6 of them and the higher level you are the better person you are in terms of helping others around you. Sorta like marriage but instead of putting one persons needs above yours its several people. The 6th I think ive reached for years now but I don’t like myself because of it, well I don’t like to acknowledge it at least. You have to let go of love. I cannot truly say ive felt loved or even have given it. Im just like emotionally vacant. I always question if this is the price for being a_ or is it normal for a 17 year old? Well for nearly all of his life. Now that I think of it, **** seems to be like you. But instead his perfection is knowledge for math. Hehe I remember you mentioning math wasn’t your greatest subject, well it isn’t mine either. Im like literally his worst student ever. The first semester I got an *. 2nd I got a *. 3rd…we have yet to see. But not too long ago I got my first A, a 94 on a home test. It was on anyalticaly trig, using the funcs to get something at which this time I cant remember. Then theres *****. One of the best story tellers ever. In fact, that’s why he teaches history, because of the stories. Him and ms **** get along very well, always talking about something unique. Sometimes afterschool if a friend is talking to me id like zone them out and totally just eavesdrop on the two, makes me feel weird yet like a badass haha. Come to think of it, i think I lied earlier, I said I didn’t have a reason of why im doing this, my intention was to ask for help with finding my spark, my drive. But if you have made it this far, I thank you for taking your time to read this 17 year olds mind collage or whatever it is. But after all this, I think I have found a real reason, to make a new friend. -------sincerely, Daron Richmond contact me if u like: {sorry for the grammar I started this at like 10:30, just over 12 now}

  2. ive been staring here at my comment for who knows how long, then again it wouldnt have mattered much to me even if i did know. sleep bores me. i gave up on it these days. 4 hours does fine for me. still wondering if im crazy for doing this or just some random nice stranger that wants a new friend. well, night whoever reads this.